Spider in the Gym!

Happy Friday all!

It’s leg day for me today, also because I’ve some how hurt my wrist- yes, I’m accident prone.

I just started  my workout today when a huge spider ran towards my mat, I didn’t notice it; it was the man next to me who yelled out, “Look out!” and promptly apologised for disrupting me! The gym manager came around and stopped on it. The spider was so big that its insides splatted everywhere. Needless today, I moved to the other end of the floor with a different mat!

So today’s workout has heavy weights, more sets and dropsets too!

Warm up (3 sets/10 reps)

Exercise ball glute bridge

Single leg barbell deadlift (3rd set 2 legged and 20 reps)

Superset 1 (8 sets- increasing weight each time)

Leg press (toes over the top edge) 12 reps or as many as possible

Pop jumps (squat jump, bringing legs together and popping onto the balls of your feet before jumping out into a squat. repeat)

Superset 2 (6 sets- 12 reps or as many as possible, increase weights + dropsets)

Leg extensions

Hamstring curls

Superset 3 (4 sets- increase weights)

45 Press

Sumo squats- FAILURE


I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂




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