Back day…again

Hi folks,

I hope your day has been good and is only going to get better.

Today I hit back again, smashing out a decent workout. Check it out!

Duration: 45


Resistance Medium/heavy 8-12 reps


Superset 1

Bent over barbell row

Single arm dumbbell row

Kettlebell upright row

Superset 2

Wide grip lat pulldown

Close under=hand grip lat pulldown

Stand alone

High cable pull aparts

Cable bicep curl

Superset 3

Straight arm pulldown

Dumbbell hammer curl


I like to vary things up by throwing stand alones. Complete required sets for each exercise before moving on. Unlike supersets where you will have 2 or more exercises in a set.

Have a great day/evening depending on where you are and when you read this! I’m off to make H’s birthday cake! Coconut and raspberry cake!



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