Heavy Heart…

It is with heavy heart that I close the chapter of my cheer life. Due to work commitments and demands, I had to make one of the hardest choices. So Bows + Tape will no longer be… 😦

Today, I hit shoulders and arms. I mentioned in a previous post that I was in the process of changing up my split, so here it is:

Monday: Back

Tuesday: Chest/ shoulders

Wednesday: Cardio/ abs

Thursday: Shoulders/ arms

Friday: Plyometric and legs

Saturday: HIIT/ recap day

Sunday: REST


Today’s workout

Resistance: Medium/heavy 10- 15 reps

Sets: 4

Duration: 50 mins

Warm up

5 mins row

Superset 1

Military press (1 warm up set 4 working sets)

Dumbbell upright rows

Superset 2

High cable rear delts

Weight plate front raises

Superset 3

Barbell skullcrushers

Barbell over-hand bicep curl

Superset 4

Assisted pull ups- MAX

Diamond push ups- MAX


Plank holds (30 secs)

Hollow body to superman (4 sets 30 secs)

V-ups (20 reps)

Reverse crunches- full extensions


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