Working on the Guns!

Hello all, I hope your day is FANTASTIC! I’m so excited to finally be falling back into rhythm. The past few days I’ve had to work a little harder to motivate myself.

Today’s workout hits shoulders and arms.

Duration: 45 mins

Reps: 10-12 Heavy/medium

Sets: 4

Superset 1

Barbell military press

Kettlebell upright row

Superset 2

Cable rear-delts Flyes

Dumbbell front raises

Superset 3

Barbell Skull crushers

Barbell Over-hand bicep curl

Abs set

Diamond push ups

Hollow Body Holds- 10 sec on 10 secs off

Oblique ankle taps

Hanging Pikes/ leg raises

Hanging Tuck ups

Plank hold 20 secs


I’m finding myself more and more reluctant to leave the gym, anyone else feels this way? 🙂


Enjoy this one, tomorrow’s leg day!




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