H’s Back Homicide Monday


Hello folks, I know its Tuesday, I forgot to hit ‘publish’ yesterday. Yesterday’s workout…below:

I had a gym date with H (Yay, the first one in a long time!)

H works out differently to me, preferring to concentrate on one exercise at a time. So no supersets here, however, doesn’t mean you can’t combine them together 🙂


Duration: 1hr 15 mins

Sets: 3

Reps: 12 Heavy/medium


Warm up:

Preacher bicep curl

Tricep extension


Fixed lat pulldown (Normal grip)

Wide grip lat pull down

Wide grip behind the head lat pulldown

Cable seated row

Wide grip straight arm pull down

Machine rear delts


Machine shoulder press

Ab crunch machine/ crunches- full extension (4 sets)


I hope you enjoy this one, I certainly did, following some else’s workout was nice for a change 🙂



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