Abs + Catch up day

Happy hump day folks!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic day thus far! As the title suggests, today is abs and catch up day.


3 sets of 12 reps- heavy


Warm up

Barbell bicep curl- do a couple of pulses at the top, to get that good ‘squeeze’!

Tricep pulldown (rope)


Wide-grip lat pulldown- slight arch in the back, getting a good squeeze of the lower lats

Straight arm wide grip pulldown

Single arm cable tricep pulldown (under-hand grip as you would for a curl)

Single arm tricep extension on cable- keep arm in contact with the side of your head and dropping the forearm behind your head.

Dumbbell bench press (this was suppose to be smith machine bench press, but the smith machine was occupied)

Tuck ups

Pike ups

Ab crunch on machine


Oblique taps

Straight leg sit up

Standing weight plate oblique crunch


Enjoy 🙂


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