Hi all,

It’s been too long since I’ve posted on this blog. The feeble excuse- I’ve been all over the place as of late. It hasn’t been necessarily stressful, just life, things happening all at once. Sometimes I get so caught up that everything simply unravels and I’m back to square one.

No matter, I just have to put in the effort and put everything back in its place, so, this is me- putting order in this world!

I’m starting by refocusing on what I want to do with this blog. I love writing and so far, there has been some great posts, but I feel I can do more. I looked at the last few posts I had written, and they were all workouts. Somehow, in an effort to motivate myself, I turned my blog into a workout log. It was not my intention at all! So I think I am going to kerb the ‘logging’, I’m not going to get rid of it completely, so I’m going to leave my past posts and category in tack.

When I started the blog, I wanted to expand my opportunities to write, rant, go on a rampage about issues, topics or thought that provoke me. I also wanted to push myself to find/think of topics to write about. Which I think it is exactly what I am going to do. Thus, without further ado,  me introduce…

A Thought a Day

As it suggests, a thought a day, to write about and get me back into the routine of writing! Should you read this and can offer your thoughts for me to ponder on, please feel free to comment below!




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