A Thought a Day: The Power of Words

Words have always had an impact on me, I’m just instinctively drawn to people whose eloquence has become artistry. I’m not talking about poems or sonnets; not about the number of words in ones vocabulary or if you can spell them. I’m more interested about the manipulation of words to create impact.

Thanks to the birth of the internet and social media, everyone who access social media sites have a presence. Those who frequent these sites (Admit it people, a fair amount of time is spent online) have posted a status or two, commented and contributed to online debate that may or may not have spiralled out of control.

Every person on the net is an agent of change-be it to drive positive messages or negative ones, is completely up to their personality, morals, ethics and personal perceptions. Each and everyone of us have the power to create, facilitate and support messages that may impact another in significantly.

It’s not just online, but the people we see day to day, in passing and even yourselves. The way you address yourself in internal dialogue, in the long run, affects your physical and mental wellbeing.

What I’m trying to get at is, before you post something, comment on something, think twice. The power is in your hands.

 Which kind of agent do you want to be? 







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