A Thought a Day: Dog Fight

I’m not talking about fighter jets. I’m literally talking about a fight. A dog flight.

At the end of the day, I like coming home to my dogs. Both Millie and Jasper are the ever so enthusiastic welcome home party everyday.

We always play fetch up and down the hallway. Well, Millie and I do anyway. Jasper just runs alongside Millie, oblivious to the point of the game. This arrangement worked well until Jasper bumped into Millie causing her to stumble. Then the fight began.

Animal behaviour expert would say to not intervene, but we couldn’t stand by watching it unfold.

They both came away with minimal scraps. The interesting thing was how quickly they sat together grooming each other. Even right now, they are huddled together after a satisfying dinner.

Forgive and forget,  I think canines have one up on us in that department.



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