A Thought A Day: A Cow!!!

Truthfully, this will be the most random thought…ever.

I drive a fair way to get to work and the route that I take goes past paddocks of a cattle/dairy farm. It’s my favourite part of the route.

The cows I usually see are brown or black, possibly spotting some whit-ish tummies. However, mid last week, I have spotted a real cow!

You know what I mean, the stereotypical black and white kind..

The oddest point is that since noticing this black and white cow (There is probably a proper breed name) I have spotted any more than that one. It’s one of a kind on a field full of happily grazing cattle.
It’s quiet bizarre how this minute and random observation has become the highlight of my route. I can tell you that it is real bliss to enjoy the small things, the random things, the nonsensical things…



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