A Thought a Day: Reality TV

I quite enjoy watching shows like Masterchef, Project Runway, Hell’s Kitchen, Next Top Model. These so-called reality TV shows.

I like picking it apart and watch the drama unfold. I like picking apart things like continuity issues, irregularities and camera angles. I also like to predict results or what the next challenge will be. I can’t help but feel a certain glee when sh*t hits the fan!

Below is a picture that is a true representation of me watching one of these shows.

If the drama is that good, the popcorn does not exist.

I realise the appeal of it all. It’s REAL drama, REAL tears, REAL people that I can watch all in the comfort of my own home; if I had enough, I simply switch it off.

Perhaps it’s the control factor that I like. In a way, I can control the situation/ exposure to drama but pausing, stopping or skipping over bits that I don’t like.

Some psychologist out there is probably going to over-analyse my statement…

Oh well.

Have a great weekend folks!

I’m not going to post over the weekend 🙂 See you all on the other side.


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