Winning Start to the Week

Working with individuals means getting to know people intimately. Get to know them when they are unguarded- raw. When a partnership is built well, with strong foundations in mutual respect and congruence, people are unmasked.

My winning start to the week is not my win alone. This is the result of the young lady I work with, my colleagues and I- a true example of what a cohesive and consistent teamwork can do.

Holly* always relied on other to get to and from places, we started transport training last year, she had to overcome anxiety and lack of confidence in herself.

We tend to over look our freedom of being able to navigate the world, make sense of the bus and train routes and be confident in getting where we want to go.

For Holly, today was the biggest win, for today, she caught the train on her own. No one pushed, advised or suggested it. She simply was ready.


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