Worst Gym Session Ever (Warning: Rant!)

I’ve never NEVER ever had a bad day at the gym- until today.

It was leg day and I am always pumped for leg day Call me crazy, but it’s my favourite split in my routine. Maybe I like the instant burn and the DOMS that hit a couple of days after. Limping around for a few days =  badge of honour?

I got to workout with H today (Miracle! our work schedules somewhat synced.) I was looking forward to going to the gym. It’s always the same. I have a certain nervous excitement that tingles my spine. My heart beats faster and my skin goes prickly, no, I do NOT use a pre-workout supplement. The closest feeling I can describe these bodily/chemical reaction is like falling in love or seeing a lover after a long period of time. I’m not trying to be poetic, this is my feeble attempt in helping YOU feel what I feel about this space I have come to love.

Thoughts fly and collide in my head:

Gym time!

Maybe I’ll do ______

Perhaps I’ll combine _______ and ________

I want to beat my PB

So off we went to the gym, training started fine, I was not going as heavy as we upped the reps. A couple of exercises in, it was leg extension time. I have to be honest, I am not a fan of isolated/ traditional bodybuilding machine workout, but H does, so I went ahead and did them. BAD MOVE. I’ve dislocated my knee before, and subsequently have had partial dislocations (When the patella pops out and back in).


Ohhhhhh Shhhtevia.

So here I was thinking, ‘Oh crap, its out, its out!’ I kept to myself, not wanting to alarm anyone. I pushed passed and continued with the reps. It clicked back. Phew! Or so I thought…

It all went downhill from there. Lunges were too painful, 45s was out after I did a feather-weight (to me) set and started seeing stars, feeling cold and clammy. The worst part was when the sounds around me started to muffled and all I could hear was my own ticker. Didn’t even feel pain anymore.

So what did I do? Walked coolly to the toilet, locked myself in there until I felt better, return to H and announced that I was done. No explanation, just done.

It was the most frustrating and tormenting feeling, I’ve never felt dissatisfied with a workout till today. I know it may seem trivial to some that I blabber about the gym and training, the works, but this is something important to me. It keeps me sane…at least suppose to…

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. This horrible session will be done and dusted, I won’t even think about it tomorrow.




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