Dear Lady in White

Dear Lady in White,

For the continuation of my letter-post to you, I shall call you Robin- you look like a Robin; Your dark mane in a loose knot on your head and your skin kissed by the sun as we face stormy weather. Did you just get back from a holiday?

Anyway, Robin, the first time we ‘met’ was a few weeks ago, we bumped into each other in the gym. you seem to be working hard, your skin had the sheen. You know, from perspiration? I would have continued admiring your work ethic, however, I realised that you had little white booty shorts and a white crop on. That’s a big no no.

Trust me, I have no issues with ladies (and men) who decide they want to rock out a tiny little number and show off their hard work. I’m also not exactly shy about being up close and personal with sweaty bods. However, I do have an issue when sweat imprints are left on machines at the gym.

Robin, honey, it’s not just you, the men with singlets or worse, string-backs are not without guilt. I’m sorry, but covering the seat or equipment with a sweat drenched towel does NOT excuse you from wiping the contraptions down with a wipe/towel provided by your respective gyms.

Before you start saying that I’m body-shaming or am jealous of you, stop. If I had a body that I worked hard for; was proud of and want to show off, I would, but I’m not that kind of person, it’s not my personality or up-bringing. And should I want to do that, I’d do it elsewhere, like a bathroom, take a selfie or something…go to the beach.

Robin, I saw you again yesterday, still working hard as expected. I am assuming that because it was cold, you left your kit on. I’m kind of hoping that you realise the complimentary sweat you were leaving behind after using the equipment was not wanted or hygienic.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your actions have been appreciated, so keep it up!




I’d highly suggest the following and be mindful of others:

Cover up, put a protective layer of fabric between your sweat and everything else, especially if you’re not one in the habit of wiping stuff down after use.

Wipe, wipe, wipe!!!



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