Driving the Conversation

There is something about driving that seems to make people open up and talk. Sometimes sharing personal views or even life – hack worthy tips. 

I took a cab to the airport tonight and the driver, Brahim and I conversed. He shared how he had moved to Australia 25 years ago. He had not always been a can driver, he used to be a mechanical engineer until he broke his back. 

He said that he is happy, he looked happy. He seemed really content even though the hours are erratic and the customers are like blind dates- you never know who you’ll pick up. “You never have a day off!” He proceeded to share that he has some regulars who value his service and if they need a driver, he’ll drive them on his day off. 

I don’t think I’m the only one who have observed how unguarded people are when faced with open road in a moving mental box. 

This is just a small observation- that leads me to wonder what is it about driving that create an environment for rich thoughts and conversations. 

Personally,  I think best on the move. Especially when I’m driving. I get the best ideas on the road. Unfortunately,  if I’m not conscious to keep a thought,  it’ll disappear.  

Anyway, I’d love to keep writing but the plane’s ready for boarding and so am I.  

See you on the other side and have a great weekend folks. Stay safe and spread kindness! 

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