Cab Drivers…

What’s up with me and cab drivers! 

I’m at the airport on my way to Japan with my dad. My dad did not want to trouble my sister and insisted on calling for a cab. 

“D, call the cab!” My dad bellowed to be matched a minute later by my sis, “Ya! Call already! Mercedes ah!”- if you haven’t picked up the Singlish, you will now. 

I don’t use cabs often, so I’ve got fresh eyes every time I employ such services. 

When my dad and I approached the cab, the driver popped his trunk open  but didn’t get out.  I found this unusual as previous experiences showed drivers extending their customer service by helping with bags. To me, it was common understanding especially if the cab has been pre – booked with the destination for the airport. 

Anyway,  the bit I would like to draw your attention to is his almost – zero – gravity seat adjustment, a position which is perfectly suited whilst lounging on a deck chair in the Bahamas.  

The cab driver’s vision was significantly hindered by his dashboard,  steering wheel and door panels.  He was literally doing a crunch every time he needed to turn the wheel let alone check his blind spot! 

If there was ranks for cab drivers, thus particular gentleman would be in the laid’ back Bahamas pro level. 

Even though the airport was 15 minutes away, it was the most nerve wrecking drive to date! Even my dad was feel uneasy- he never feels uneasy. 

Once we were in the terminal, he shook his head, “He lean so far back, I got no space, also don’t know how he drive,  lying down like that.” 

For some reason everything sounds funnier in Singlish!  

Next time I check in,  it’ll be on the land of the rising sun. 

Till then, have a great day folks! 



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