I Quit…

Yes I did- this morning.

I had been thinking about it for awhile and it took a long time to arrive at the decision and even more time to find the balls to do it.

I was away from work the last couple of weeks, and I had time to think and reflect on what my priorities are. I thought THAT was the problem.

As I spent time with my family and had some time to throw the question around in my head, I realised that I did NOT have my priorities wrong. Rather my actions did not reflect my priorities. This revelation was indeed enlightening, it made me realise why I felt plenty of internal turmoil.

This realisation gave me a sense of purpose and a start to the plan.

I had pen the resignation letter the day before, printed it and sealed it in an envelope. This morning, I arrived at work early bringing along the letter and some goodies that I had bought in Japan.

Unusually, I arrived before my manger did. When I heard her coming in, my heart was pounding in my chest. Not because I was worried about her reaction but because my stomach was in knots thinking about the consequence of this decision.

I was glad that she and I cleared my schedule and I got to head home. I’m terrible at goodbyes, seeing my colleagues and members would make it difficult.

The full effect of this bittersweet liberation hasn’t hit me yet, but I know in time it will. My plan is to take time in making my next move.


Apologies  those who thought it would be a light hearted post. Hey, I’m human.


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