Where I’d Been

The last few months have been a great turning point for me.

I resigned from a job I’ve held for a few years and headed a different direction. I needed it.

I was at a place that did not feel good; a place where I’d felt trapped. I had lost the sparkle for life and all that is good.  At that point of my life,  I had let go of a lot that was great- that meant a lot to me, this blog is one of them.

In hindsight, I was drowning.  I burnt out, it took a toll on me mentally and manifested physically. At the time, I had refused to admit it. I knew it, I refused to believe it. I saw myself strong,  I saw myself resilient when in sooth,  I was far from that.

I had forgotten about my passion for fitness and health because I was not the whole me. I believe I gave and gave without pausing and taking time for ME. I put others first and forgot to think about me.

I had retreated away from my friends and family,  so much so that I had forgotten what it was like to hang out. Worst still, I forgot who I was.

I did not realize that until my new boss shared that I needed to allow myself to connect with others. How does that relate? Well,  if I don’t know myself, how am suppose to contribute to any relationship?

So now, I’m determined to find myself. This isn’t an eat, pray, love kind of gig,  this is my thing that I need to do for myself.

This post has not been edited for structure or sense. In other words,  it’s like verbally vomit- I just needed to get it off my chest.

Future for thus blog- some structure, focusing on health and fitness. You’ll be the first to know when I’ve made up my mind!

Have a great weekend folks!

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