Triple 7 Targeting the Upper Body

Woohoo, what a day today!

Lately I’ve been incorporating HIIT at the end of my usually workout.

As today is chest and tricep day,  I thought it would be fitting for an upper body HIIT, hence,  the triple 7.

3 exercises, 7 reps for as many rounds in 15 minutes.

Set up a bar suitable for incline push ups. (You’ll see why in a minute. Also grab a medium weight dumbbell.

1. Incline Deficit Push Up with the barbell

Start with hands on the bar, arms straight and body hollow (like you would in a plank). Lower your body and pull your head under the bar until your hands on the bar are by your ears. Reverse and press up. 1 rep.

2. Incline Barbell Rows

Lie on the ground under the bar. The bar should align with your chin. Grab the bar and hollow your body (as you would in a plank). Pull until chest touches the bar before releasing. 1 rep.

3. Dumbbell Thrusters

Start with dumbbell on the ground.  Squat and grab the dumbbell with your right hand. Using power from legs, pull the dumbbell up, flick your wrist and press up above head before returning dumbbell to the ground.  Complete reps with right side before moving to the left.

Rest for 30 secs

You should managed to complete between 8 to 11 rounds.



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