HELLO 2015!

Hello to YOU- wonderful reader!

I hope your start to 2015 is wonderful, filled with promise, anticipation, excitement and hope.

This year, I have not made a new year’s resolution. Instead I have started an achievement/appreciation jar. In this jar, I’ll be including:

Things I have done

Things I am proud/happy/excited about

Fist pump moments

and all that I am grateful for.

2015. I’m expecting big things. I can feel it.

I’ve got a couple of things lined up- one of it you already know. I’m preparing for my first fitness competition, this is the first that I’ve managed to say it without feeling uncertain. I’ve got a fair way to go, with plenty of challenges no doubt- thank goodness I’ve got H by my side who’s come on board as my training partner/trainer. Yes, we have trained together for a while, but it was only recently that we actually talked about H being my trainer.

In addition to training with H, I’ll be doing Kayla Itsines’ 12 week Bikini Body Guide (BBG) starting tomorrow. We are going to have a the biggest team doing theBBG 1.0 starting Jan 5. Admittedly, I bought the guide a few weeks ago after a friend of mine told me about it. I’ve used the workouts in the BBG a couple of times and then Christmas happened. I will be incorporating BBG into my training which will be documented on my blog and instagram- minwest feel free to follow me there.

My parents are visiting at the moment and during one of the causal chats with my mother, we had a discussion on collaborating on a project. Will be revealed when we gather more clarity and detail.

Other ideas are just marinating in my brain, I’m just going to let it sit for a while and see what eventuates. 🙂

Well that concludes me, I’m ready for an early start tomorrow. Till next time folks, have a wonderful day and remember to be grateful for what you have and maximise opportunities.




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