Why I cancelled my gym membership

I did it, it’s official- my gym membership has been terminated.

I’ve been a member of various gyms for a fair few years- on and off for the first few years when I first started and solidly in the last couple of years.

My last membership was with a 24 hour gym, it was fun while it lasted, but I missed connecting with people. I ‘retired’ from cheer early last year and left TNT All Stars, a close knit gym full of beautiful souls.

When I quit cheer, I was in search for something to fill the void. I enjoy working out and that won’t change but I wanted to have a purpose, something to work towards.

I had plenty of discussion with H and he had suggested that I compete in a fitness competition. I liked the idea! Coincidentally, I had a couple of friends who competed in fitness shows and it was cool to know that I had their support too.

I thought I had found my purpose. However, as I got started into it and researched a little more, I came to realise that it was not something that interested me. I also love my food too much (some say ‘lack of discipline’, I say ‘ simply not my cup of tea’) I had grabbed at the idea of competing and plugging the void.

Losing body fat and becoming shredded was not something that was going to be enough fire for me to push through when times get tough- don’t get me wrong, I’d totally love to lose some body fat and lean out but not for aesthetic reasons.

Also, for someone who has body image issues, focusing on how I looked was something I knew will be detrimental to my health and mental well-being.

I value strength more than aesthetics.

So I canned the competition idea and decided to lift for the sake of lifting…this worked for a while but the competitive side of me got bored. I also noticed, though I choose to ignore, that I was lacking in the aerobic department.

When I was at a ‘normal’ gym, I was skipping cardio training all together and was just doing weight training- there was an imbalance in my fitness, I lost a lot of the aerobic capacity built over a few seasons of competitive cheerleading.

I had to find something that pushes me out of my comfort zone to challenge myself and have opportunities to meet new folks.

And so it was good bye to an old love and hello to a new found love- Crossfit.

What did you change? What did you find? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Till next time, look after you!

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