Ribs and Burgers



H and I had a lunch date at Ribs and Burgers, Railway Lane in Perth CBD. It was my first time there and I enjoyed it thoroughly!


After placing our order at the counter, we secured a booth. H told me that it is generally crowded during lunch and especially so during the week. Ribs and Burgers also do take away- I wouldn’t want to take away though, the place was gorgeous! It had a old-school charm and an openness that for me, is irresistible!

20150801_112332I have a thing of onion rings and was compelled to order some. The menu said onion rings but it was more like onion tentacles. I loved the fact that it was lightly battered and for $6 you get an entire bowl of onion rings/tentacles!

The ribs and burger combo...highly recommended
The ribs and burger combo…highly recommended

I chose the beef ribs with the slider and chips combo, this was ah-mazing! Definitely one for those with hearty appetites!





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