Operation Optimize: Pre-Op

I’ve decided to do a project exploring what I can do to optimise my health and fitness, ultimately to increase my strength and performance. 

Coincidentally, I’ll be participating in a “30 Day Challenge to a Banging Body”, I’m excited for this nutrition challenge as I’ll be doing this with other members at my crossfit box, The Crossfit Chamber. The free Q and A is happening at the box THIS Saturday (08 August 2015) go to The Crossfit Chamber website for more details. 

There is many aspects to optimisation ones well-being. The two I have chosen to focus on are:

  • Nutrition
  • Mobility

I’ve chosen to focus on these two as they both strongly affect performance and strength. The reason why I’ve chosen ‘physical’ aspects is because of the timing of the challenge and also that I’ve been experiencing some soreness and niggles that are threatening to turn into serious injuries/ re-injuries, putting me ‘back on the bench’. 

That drives me ape-sh*t!

This post is the introduction, if you will, of Operation Optimize, I’m going to outline what the parameters are, how I’m going to track this and what I’m expecting. 


10 Aug to 27 Sep 2015

The nutrition challenge is 17 Aug to 19 Sep but I’m going to ‘lay down some ground work’ a week early and finish up a week later – I can be a little slow to take up on things! 

During this time, I’ll be posting updates weekly on what’s been happening and how I’m going, especially what I’m learning about myself throughout this project. 


This has been playing on my mind for ages! I’ve got an obsessive tendency and if I was to weigh and measure (in the traditional sense) throughout the time, I may become fixated on the numbers and forget the true intent of the project- to optimise my health and fitness; increase strength and performance. 

As part of the nutrition challenge I’ve been told the following will occur:  

  • Changes in body composition- I’ve been told that DEXA scans will be conducted at various times during the nutrition challenge
  • Changes in strength and work capacity- the coaches are also going to put together test WOD

In addition, I’m also going to be doing the following:

  • The Jeans Test- I’m going to use a pair of old jeans to determine if there has been changes to measurements, without a measuring tape. This may sound a little airy fairy to some, I’ve never done something like this so I’m interested to see if this is an effective way of measure for me. To ‘control’ the test, I will be picking a pair of jeans that will not be worn unless it is for testing. 
  • The Blind Selfie- I’m going to take photos of myself at the start of every week and at the end but I’m not going to look at the photos until the very end- I’m considering going old-school and finding a film camera so I won’t be able to cheat! Kinda stumped on where to buy one. The last time I bought one, it was like 8 years ago. Looks like it may be a mission this weekend! I’ll also be picking out a ‘selfie outfit’ for this purpose as a control. 
  • The Feels Factor- just as it, how I feel

Nutrition Aspect

As the nutrition aspect is somewhat going to be taken care of by the challenge, I don’t have  an expectation as such for this. I am looking forward to learning something new and try out new recipes. I’m hoping to learn something that I can sustain beyond the challenge and project timeframe. 

Mobility Aspect

I mentioned before about potential injuries/re-injuries, that is where I am at the moment. My knee is crunchier that Skippy’s crunchy peanut butter, my gluten and hamstring is so tight it’s affecting my stride whilst running- I feel like a lop-sided bunny who partied and got wasted and is now trying to find a hole called home. 

I’m going to be come up with a program to follow  to hopefully restore and sustain good and pain-free mobility. (I’m still figuring out this one, so stay tuned) 

I’m looking forward to:

  • Discovery
  • Learning about myself- it’ll also be interesting to see how I cope if I have to travel for work during the time. 
  • I know I’ve got wiggle room when it comes to body composition, I’m interested to see what will change. 
  • Results of the unorthorx methods of measuring (be it only a slight tweak) 
  • Changes to strength and performance
  • Improvements in gymnastic movements (I mean bodyweight movements, not tumbling) 
  • Being pain-free!

If you live in Perth, WA and are interested in the nutrition challenge, as mentioned earlier, visit the chamber page! 

I’m always open to hearing about the experiences of others, if you’d like to share your story, tips or tricks, please feel free to leave a comment- I’d love to hear from you! 


3 thoughts on “Operation Optimize: Pre-Op

  1. Anne Nicole (nutrientdensecowgirl) says:

    Best of luck! I like the idea of the blind selfie and also the jeans test. I am sure cleaning up nutrition will play a huge role for you, eating REAL is the best thing you can do for yourself. I will be excited to see your fabulous results in 30 days! Congrats!

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