Operation Optimize: Spark Joy

Sometimes when we think about optimization, we may lean towards getting more- more gadgets, more supplements, more equipment, more activities…basically more clutter.

I read an article about a lady named Marie Kondo who is a Japanese organisation consultant who wrote four books on organizing. Basically, she is the guru of all gurus when it comes to tidying. She coined the method of Kon Mari which is a way of decluttering by evaluating whether the item/object sparks joy. The Kon Mari method also gives specifics on the ‘how-tos’ of tidying up.

Spark Joy

Were words that stood out to me and I began to look at things and evaluate if they indeed sparked joy in me. The simpleness of the concept resonated with me and it is something I held on to since coming across the article.

What does this have to do with Operation Optimize you ask?

Well, instead of being ‘sucked into’ getting more things and worrying about doing detailed food prep and finding new activities, I’ve gone back to my core, the fundamentals and revisit things that sparked joy. [This may not be what Marie Kondo intended…]

Reading my previous post may help put this in context 🙂

I’m not going into detail when it comes to nutrition as there are some fine tuning that needs to occur. (Stay tuned on this one)

I’ve decided to incorporate 2 things for mobility that I love to do but have not consciously make time for. Barre and Yoga.

I’m not going to run out and sign up for classes or anything as I prefer to do them at home where I can go at my own pace and just concentrate on areas that I want to improve on.

Since moving away from cheer/dance, I’ve noticed that my flexibility has decrease which probably also explain the niggles and soreness. So my goal for mobility optimization is to get a bigger range of pain-free and fluid motion.

I’ve decided on committing to 2 days dedicated to mobility, Wednesday will be Yoga/strech and Sunday will be Barre.This does not mean that all the others days do not have aspect of mobilization. I can’t really NOT do it as I will be WOD-ing and mobility is basically integrated into the sessions.

I’ll be posting sequences and exercises that I am doing through out Operation Optimize, to share with you guys what I’m doing and keep me accountable!

As today is Wednesday, it’s Yoga/stretch day! So below is the very first mobility sequence. I recommend doing this right after a warm shower before bed (as this this a bed-time routine)

The perfect way to wind down after a long day I call this,,,,

Sweet Sleep

Hold each position for 5 – 8 normal breaths (or as long as you want) This sequence was designed to flow from one position to the next.

  1. Downward facing dog (paddle your feet to get some stretch through the back of the legs especially the calves)
  2. Plank (top of the push up position and onto the tippy toes)
  3. Upward facing dog/ cobra (move your head left to right, tilt side to side)
  4. Child’s pose
  5. [unfold from child’s pose] Staff Pose
  6. Seated twist [each side]
  7. [Lie down] Bring both knees to chest
  8. Release one leg down [each side]
  9. Savasana/ Corpse
  10. Hopefully you’ve drifted off to sleep


Do you have a favourite yoga pose/sequence or stretch? Perhaps something that sparks joy for you? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: I am no expert or guru, please consult your doctor or health care professional prior to beginning any physical activity.



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