Happy New Year everyone!

2015 has been a year full of learning and growth. I have learnt a lot about myself; my choices; the reasons behind them and most importantly, I caught a glimpse as to what is possible for me; should I choose to take the step.

I am looking forward to more experiences, learning and growth in 2016. This is why 366unfiltered comes in.

366unfiltered is my way of focusing my energy towards all that is meaningful and enriching- This is my take on other 365 projects out there in which I am capturing experiences/things/thoughts each day relating to health, fitness and wellness.

366unfiltered is named as such as I wanted each post to be real- capturing what is really going on; what I’m discovering about myself and a commitment to myself and what I love to do.

If you’d like to jump on board, I’ll be stoked! Let me know and use the hashtags #366unfiltered and #teawithmin. It would be awesome to have a collective journal for others to be inspired by.

There are no ‘rules’ to 366unfiltered but below is a guideline:

  • Post something everyday but if something happens that prevents you from doing it, the sun will still rise- just do 2 posts the next day or do a longer or more comprehensive post.
  • Write, draw, vlog, photograph…anything that has meaning to you.
  • Be YOU! 366unfiltered is about YOU, your journey, your emotions, feelings, lessons, inspiration- it is not about carefully crafted images or eloquent and flourished paragraphs- hence unfiltered.
  • Spread support by sharing stories and encouragement, please be mindful of what you post!
  • Cherish every minute of it!

Thank you 2015 and those who were a part of it in every precious way. Here is to 2016 a new year for new adventures, relationships and discoveries!


Min xx


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