Beached!: A WOD

H and I did a sprint beach WOD today! πŸ™‚

It was only 10 minutes but it was a burner. We took out little furkid Jasper with us…I think he has a thing for pugs πŸ˜‰ he was only interested in interacting with 2 pugs that came pass out of all the other dogs that were at the beach.

Right, back to the WOD…

Step 1: Find the steepest dune available

Step 2: Cry on the inside

Step 3: Negotiate movements and time with your training partner

Step 4: Procrastinate by ‘warming up’ aka strolling along the beach towards the rocks and proceed to climb

Step 5: Reluctantly return to your training partner and begin the WOD:

Equipment required: Sandbag. We used a 30 KG bag today.

Part One

3 Rounds for time (6 rounds in total):

Partner One

1 x Dune sprint

7-10 Thrusters

Partner Two

Plank Hold

Part Two

3 rounds for time (6 rounds in total):

Partner One

20 x Sandbag Row

20 x Dish tucks (H decided to do bicep curls with the sandbag instead)

Partner Two

Low Push up Hold (the position at the bottom of the push up)

In total, it should take you under 10 minutes…provided you don’t get distracted by your dog πŸ™‚

Since we were at the beach, we finished off with a quick dip in the Indian Ocean…

Min xx


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