Lazy Core Kinda Day: A WOD-ish

As the name suggests, this little piece involves me lying on my back or stomach…no getting up for this chick! I did this as a one round stand-alone after a beach sprint session.

Three-part action

Part One

20 sec on/10 sec off for 10 rounds

Alternating exercises:

Hollow Body Holds

Superman Holds

Part Two

On your back

10 Leg raisers

20 Dish Tucks

30 Straight Legged Sit up with Twist

On your stomach

30 Flutters

20 Plyo push ups alternating directions

10 Dive Bombers

Part Three

Plank hold (Palms on the ground) for 30 seconds straight into 20 knee to elbow taps (10 on each side)

Plank hold (Elbows on the ground, finger tips facing forward) as long as possible.



Min xx


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