Constant Failure is the Key to Success?

I was browsing through some articles and I stumbled upon this article. Truthfully, it was the title that caught my eye:

Constant Failure is the Key to Success

This could not have come at a better time as people are setting new goals for 2016 and for me, putting some long time plans into action.

The words ‘constant failure’ does not sit well with me. For me, constant failure does not exist. Yes, there will be umpteen times when effort does not produce results, but it does not mean you are back to square one/no where. For example, if there were 50 possible ways to do something and if one way does not work, you are one step closer- you know now that one does not work and there are 49 more ways to possibly go about it.

There is a sense of ultimatum with the word ‘failure’, it is almost dismissive, in that split second when you allow yourself to believe you have failed- imagine the self talk along with the emotional roller coaster.

Why categorise an experience that was part of the journey to where you want to go? Why can’t it just be an experience from when you can ask yourself:

‘How can I benefit from this?’

The article talks about putting in effort towards your goals and making time to do necessary things to make it work. This is something I’ve identified is an area of improvement when it comes to aspects of my life where the effort is not physical extortion till I puke or collapse on the ground gasping for air.

At random times through my life, I’d find myself asking if I had done enough. It’s rare that I can say confidently that I’ve done all I can to the best of my abilities.

This thought got me thinking about what I fear. Most people (I’ve been there) think they fear failure, but recently, I’ve realised it is also change- the idea of change, the feeling of things being different, even success; all these things can halt plans, freeze action and call for a retreat that turns into self-sabotage.

I know it is persistence and courage driven by the solid grounding in self-belief and self-worth that IS the key to success. Both self-belief and self-worth are a package deal- self-belief that you CAN do something and the self-worth that you DESERVE the good things in life.

The article I’ve referred to in this post include some tips to help achieve success…bottom line, it comes from you, you drive your success. Read the original article here.

You, my friends, are so so worth it- all the time, effort and most of all…LOVE, in particular, self-love. This isn’t about being narcissistic or mushy- it’s about taking time to be KIND to yourself and to do what you have to do to NURTURE the most important person to you….YOU.

Min xx

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