For My Friends: Truly Thankful

When I get lost of words, it usually means I’m overwhelmingly passionate about something or overwhelmed by emotions- it happened today.

I caught up with three beautiful ladies today; two of them were girls I went to high school with and one introduced by a mutual friend; I’m truly thankful for them being in my life and for me being in theirs.

As we were talking, I had a moment of realisation of how far we have come and grown since high school and a breath caught in my throat- I had a curious feeling come over me, a sense of unease because life was moving so fast and waiting for no one and a sense of awe on how much each person has grown and where each of them are in their lives. So ladies, if I had appeared distant at any point…this was why!

We talked candidly about work- I mostly nodded, pretending I understood what things like ‘7.3 potassium’ was for a cat…I was informed was really bad. (2 of my friends work in the Veterinary industry). I had a chuckle to myself as we had lunch whilst engaging in conversations that involved explosive diarrhoea and watching the horror of the elderly gentleman at the next table who was wearing a facing of sickly disgust.

We discussed about our upbringing and shared fears about becoming just like our parents when/if we have children; the best way to parent (asian way vs Australian/ Western way). we talked about the influences of parents on children- whether we are aware of it or not, they have impacted us.

I love the way we can just talk without the fear of being judge. Girls, you keep me sane, especially when I am away for work!

What will I do without you?

P.S: I think I need to work on my retail cardio…I seem to have regressed.

Min xx


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