I came home today feeling more peeved off that ever- actually I’ve been feeling ticked off since I woke up this morning.

Why you ask?

I am tired. Simple as that. the recent holiday has my body clock going haywire. My normal routine usually gets me up bright and early at 05:30, springing out of my bed, ready to conquer the day! I never snooze the alarm.

It’s only been 3 days back and I have been finding myself still wide awake at 00:30. Wide awake at 03:30, going back to bed and then dragging myself out of paradise at 6:30 after snoozing the alarm to H’s irritation!

I hate being late, so I set an alarm on my personal phone, work phone and iPad to make sure one of them wakes me up.

I internally reprimand myself for letting it get this bad, anymore days of this and it will be affecting my productivity at work.

So tonight, I am going to take steps to ensure a beauty sleep fit for a princess:

  1. Use my calming Lavender spray (a couple of spritz on my pillow and doona)- Lavender is known to ease nervousness, anxiety and stress, definitely helps when it smells incredible!
  2. Scribble down all the thoughts in my head, to-dos, reminders, randomness
  3. Leave technology in the other room (especially my iPAD as I use it mainly for YouTubing…and I’m kinda addicted to watch videos, especially eating challenges and competitions….)
  4. Dim ALL the lights including covering light from power points
  5. Settle in and start counting sheep…

Hopeful I can get some structure back in place…soon.

What do you do to help you sleep?


Min xx

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