Countless Grains: A WOD

Hello beautiful people!

Todays’s post will be a throwback to a WOD done earlier this week. I am currently packing to go away for work, so I’d have to be brief…gotta get some sleep before hitting the road before sunrise.

The WOD involved a couple of sandbags (25 KG) each. H and I strapped the sandbags together to make it heavier for movements like bench press and bent over rows.

Countless Grains as follows:

3 sets of each movement:

15 x Bench Press/ Floor Press

15 x Bent Over Rows

15x Military Press

30 x Single Arm Row (15 each side)

Circuit finisher:

3 rounds

60 seconds Plank Hold (Palms on the ground)

20 x Knee to Elbow taps (10 each side)

60 second Plank Hold (Forearms on the ground and finger tips facing forward)


Min xx


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