Mining Town

I’ve finally settled into my unit which will be home for the next few weeks.

The journey took a total of 17.5 hours. I left Perth at 05:00 with a colleague and got into Newman around 17:00 last night where we stayed over night, leaving at 06:00 this morning.

I had some trouble connected to the internet hence I couldn’t post yesterday.

We arrived in Port Hedland this morning at 10:30, checked into the long term accommodation, stocked the fridge (its a little bar fridge!) with staples and have finally sat down to relax.

The drive up this way was amazing, I was so fascinated with the changes in the landscape- from flat yellow and red sand to rolling hills and gorges! I didn’t see Kangaroos, which was surprising, there were plenty of cattle and wild horses, I haven’t seen wild horses outback before.

My first impression of Port Hedland is a town that is dusty and vast. I haven’t got an overall impression of how the town is laid out, which is why I’m going to have a quick look around later this evening.

The accommodation is a basic self-contained unit which is close to the beach which I am so excited about! I will also be checking it out later today. I’m going to head out before dark and before the biting midgies come out to play!

Min xx




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