A little bit of an adventure: A WOD

Today was my second day of work up here in Port Hedland and I am completely swamped. By the end of the day, my head was full and about to explode!

In order to clear my head, I went out for a walk on the beach; instead of turning right as I got to the beach, I decided to go left, just to see where it would take me. I kept walking mainly with my gaze fixed on the ground to see if I could spot any more treasures! Thus, I did not realise how far I had gone. I looked around and found a path heading off the beach back onto the road. I took it.

it was a little unusual that the path led onto someone else’s property but I kept going, hoping that I was not noticed. The road was not familiar and I had no idea where to go. I started walking, navigating as best as I could before asking a man who had just parked his car and was getting out.

He showed me where to go on google maps- I had walked quite a distance away from home (the unit). What was suppose to be a 15 minute walk turned into a 40 minute adventure that allowed me to get lost and forget about work!

Anyway, below is a WOD that I did this morning:

4 sets of 15 Resistance band squats (4141- 4 secs to squat, 1 sec hold, 4 secs up and 1 second pause before starting again)

4 sets of 15 Resistance band sumo deadlift (focus on the squeeze)

4 sets of 15 Lat pull overs with bands

4 sets of Resistance band renegade rows

Small WOD but gives a nice burn


Min xx


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