Perspective on War

Hello all,

I hope your day has bee productive and full of life!

Today on my walk I met an elderly man named Victor who has been living in Port Hedland for many years. Victor is from the old Yugoslavia, now part of Croatia. He shared that war tore his country apart and he left due to the violence and unrest. He continued sharing that it is a shame that the country was torn apart, but the people are better for it.

He shakes his head and states that watching the same thing happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran breaks his heart.

“It is sad that the people are worse off because of war.”

“When will people learn that war is no good to anyone?” Victor voices.

This brief conversation I had with Victor strikes me at the core. I question what is it we are fighting for? When will it end?

With more news of attacks or threats of attacks seeming to headline the news 24/7 it seems there is no end to the terror.

For the length of human existence, it seems we spend the bulk of it at each others throats.


What are your thoughts?

Min xx


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