A Step Closer to My Dream

All I can feel is the thudding in my chest. There is a whine that persist as all sound fall off. H has sent me a text sharing that a letter had come. I asked if he would open it and send me a photo of it.

I had sweaty palms and my thumb hovered over the thumbnail for a moment as my breath caught in my chest…

I saw my results for the STAT (Special Tertiary Admissions Test). I obtained a score that is more than the requirement. Relief! What an incredible feeling to know that I am one step closer to my dream.

I’ve found direction that was there all along, I was too afraid to accept it, all because I did not want to fail. I couldn’t stand the thought of failure.

Well, 2016 is space for me to work on this. Regardless of what is ahead, I am excited for what is in store. Now it is on to the next step. Stay tune!


Min xx



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