A Hold on Possession

The world we live in places emphasis on acquisition of material/ physical things- the more the better. 

Towards the end of last year, I was brewing the concept of minimalism and how to integrate it into my life. I wanted to live more simply with less things, clutter and complications to allow for more value and quality to enter my life.

When I arrived in Port Hedland, I was thrilled to be living near the beach, which fits in beautifully with what I have identified I needed in order to recharge- sand, sea and plenty of sunshine! Of course I explored the beach the first chance I got. The sand was coarser than I was used to but it cradled little treasures! Like a child I began to pick the shells up, turning them over to admire them. It was then I had an Ah-ha moment.

Everything we have is borrowed, they are never for us to hold on to forever, eventually every thing reaches the end of its life, gets lost or misplaced, sold or passed on. Even though it may seem that we have a hold on something indefinitely, eventually that time will run its course.

The old me would have taken the shells back to perth for it to be displayed in a jar.

What right do I have in taking it?

What right to I have to take ownership of them?

Why do I need to own them?

It was then and there that I decided that I was going to borrow the shells I found and eventually when it is time to move on, I would return them back to the beach where I found them.

It was an amazing feeling, so freeing with a little pops of effervescent spark from knowing how powerful that single decision is.


Min xx



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