100 Reps Abs: A Blow-out

Happy hump day folks!

My day was a little crazier than normal and I needed what my colleague calls a blow-out:

Doing something to release the blah of the day.

So she and I went for a quick walk down at the beach of course. When I returned to my unit, I did a little 100 reps for Abs before settling into continuing some computer work that I did not get to finish…gotta get it done before it piles up!

20 Dish Tucks– as explosive as possible

20 Plank (on elbows) hip drops– each side

20 Plank (on palms) single knee tucks to opposite elbow– each side

20 Leg lowers

20 Russian twist- each side

I’m thinking of a little dip at Pretty Pool tomorrow 🙂


Min xx


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