Forecast: Indoor Weekend

Mother Nature is bringing her posse with her and they all have big personality- I guess you can say they will turn up the party-big time!

We went from Blue alert to Yellow alert last night and will most likely be on Red alert some time tomorrow- which mean being indoors until given the all clear.

Due to the yellow alert issued the venue I am working at is closed as per their WHS policy and procedure. So I worked from my little cabin form most of the day- YES!!!! Yoga pants all day! I did venture out to see some folks from 10:00- the wind was picking up and it started to rain, I could feel the wind pushing against the car as I was driving back to Port Hedland. When I left South Hedland (Approximately 12 Km from Port Hedland) it was just after 12 noon and all the shops were shut or closing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 7.22.08 pm

If you had seen my previous post, the cyclone was predicted to be a category 2 at landfall but as it has picked up speed, it is predicted to be a category 3 when it reaches land. So it we could be experiencing winds of up to 224 km/h.

The photo featured on this post was taken at the beach near pretty pools, the tide has come in- I went to the lookout at the top of the dune to take the photo, all while being pelted with bullet like rain drops.

Here’s to an indoor weekend!

Min xx

Learn about the tropical cyclone warning advice/alerts here.

Learn about the tropical cyclone category system here.

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