Eat, Drink and be Merry Saturday

There has been a little spot of rain and strong winds as the storm’s front comes in. So I did say in my previous post that I was going to be indoors most of the weekend. I did end up going out for a quick walk to the look out at the beach.

Other than that, looking up natural dreadlocks (just so fascinating) and YouTubing, I am in for a relatively unrestricted, unscheduled weekend. As I’ll be indoors and food is readily accessible, I thought it may be fun and revealing to see what I eat and drink on a lazy weekend day.

I am a foodie, most of the things that I watch on YouTube are food related, from competitive eating, cake making/ decorating, vegan cooking, the works. Some of my favourite channels are How to Cake It, ChefSteps and Hot for food.

I had even made a natural DIY face scrub with coconut oil and sugar!

Anyway here is what I ate and drank today:

I don’t categorise my meals per say, I eat what I feel like eating with conscious thought to choose healthier options…most of the time.


Gluten Free Weet-Bix (made from Sorghum Grains) with trail mix, almond milk and coconut yogurt (if you have not tried this, you need to, it is to die for!)


Protein Power smoothie- Super Berry protein powder by Prana On, Spinach, cucumber and apple- This is my first time trying raw protein, it is most definitely an acquired taste. I have never been a fan of berry or fruit testing protein but I got this one as it was recommended by the supp store guy. I’d probably be picking a different flavour to try next.

Three A-D:

Hot Cross Bun with Organic Butter. I have to confess, I had more than 1…say plus 3! throughout the day


All Kale the Hero Smoothie- Recipe will be in the next post!


A fruit plate- Yellow flesh Peach, Plum and Dates


Shapes- I snacked on these whilst watch a movie on TV…will not do it again, my stomach did not like it- this and the hot cross buns.


Watered down Tropical Juice- weird I know, I’ve been informed several times by various people. Sometimes I’m just sick and tired of the taste of water or lack thereof. So I like to water down some juice as a flavouring. I could use cordial but I’ve never been a fan of cordial.


Satay Tofu Rice Bowl- Satay Tofu, Rice and Qunioa mix, Grape tomato and cucumber (soaked in ACV and salt)

That’s it for my day of food and drink, just a bottle of water 1.5L left to finish 🙂

Leave a comment below of a raw/vegan protein powder I should try or which is your favourite food channel/ blogger that I should check out!


Min xx


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