Happy Chinese New Year

It is the year of the Monkey!

I can’t remember the last time I was home (wth my family) for a reunion dinner. I’ve been looking at photos of everyone else with their families and having a jolly great time. 🙂

Every year I feel guilty for choosing work over tradition and every year I make a promise that I will make it happen next year….never does.

Today gave me an awareness of what I do to myself! I’ve always been one to put off something that I want to do because I put commitments like work, school or Uni first. When I was at Uni I rarely partied, turning down invitations to the point that friends stop asking. When I started working I wouldn’t take leave unless I was so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed. Accumulating so much annual leave that I was forced by HR to clear it.

I always delayed what I want to do thinking, “I’ll do that later” or “I’ve got a chance another time” something along those lines.

Life is too short for that kind of nonsense!

I’m not one for resolutions so this is more for awareness, for me, to consider what I want as equally important as why I am responsible and committed to do.

Do you have a regret or missed opportunity?

P.S. Photo courtesy of my mum who shared this photo with my family. Love you mum!

P.P.S. Tell your family and friends you love them!

Min xx


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