The Best Way to End a Full On Week: a WOD

Thank god it’s Friday!

My week has been pretty full on, I’ve also been dubbed the paperholic and my desk is a category 5 paper cyclone.

Looking through my published posts I realised I have not posted any of my WODs recently, so here is one that I have done a couple of times this week!


  • A yoga mat
  • A power band (a looped resistance band)

I didn’t have to do much to warm up as it is stinking hot! Try 44-47 deg C.

WOD: AMRAP for 15 minutes (round + reps)

  • 20 dish tucks
  • 20 leg lowers
  • 10 push ups with hand release
  • 10 hang power cleans with the band (focus is on form)
  • 10 thrusters with the band
  • 20 squats

Min xx



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