Witnessing Growth

Somehow, witnessing the growth of someone else is easier than recognising ones own.

I get a thrill when I see a shift in perspective, a change in attitude mirrored in behaviour.

I am quick to say “that’s awesome!” Or “well done!” Even “I bet that feels amazing!”- when the change is noticed in others.

What about me?

It is true they say that you are your harshest critic and worst enemy.

I certainly am.

Today I had a conversation with an individual that I am supporting who is interested in changing her lifestyle to incorporate better food to fuel her body. I found myself saying to her, “take it slow, change one thing at a time and always acknowledge what you have achieve so far.”

How come I don’t take my own advice?

(I’m going to stop here as I am unsure where I’m going with this and it’s late…early…. Depends on how you look at it….this is definitely one to keep exploring)

Min xx




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