Home for a Day: A WOD

I’m home!!!!!! Even if it’s just for a day, it is worth it!

I left Port Hedland yesterday and am now sitting on my own bed, guarded by my beautiful fur kids as I write this!

To celebrate, here is a WOD I’ll be doing with my main man, H!

Partnered WOD- Work must be divided between partners evenly, number of reps performed each time is your choice. One Partner working at any one time, the resting partner holds a plank (Elbows or on hands- choose one and stick to it), if that partner falls out of the plank, any rep performed by the working partner will be a no rep.


  • Sandbags (we have 2 x 25kg)- this is what we’ve got, if you have dumbbells or a barbell you can use that.
  • Stopwatch

The WOD for Time:

  • 120 Hang clean
  • 100 Push press/jerk
  • 80 Romanian Deadlift
  • 60 Burpee over Bag
  • 40 Dish Tucks
  • 20 Push ups

Please note: do not use a bungee strap to hold bags together…NOT a safe option.

Min xx


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