When in Doubt, Abs: A WOD (ish)

The sun  has set; the workout plans you’ve decided on is out the window; feeling like crap; feeling lazy; too tired from work or just plain old can’t be bothered- STOP.

Just do Abs.

Strong core = strong balance= strong back= awesome lifting tech= sting body- ’nuff said!

I had the intention of skipping doing anything tonight- I had changed into some workout gear still contemplating to workout or not.

I kid you not, I stopped at the front door with my hand resting on he door knob with the thought of giving today a miss.

I didn’t end up heading to the beach, choosing to stay in workings on core and stability. See below:

  • 50 x powerband good mornings (for a stretch and a little warm up)
  • 50 x donkey kick backs (because I wanted to)
  • 50 x dish tucks
  • 50 x dish flutters
  • 3 x max plank holds with 20 secs rest in between each.
  • 3 x Superman holds
  • 30 x leg lowers
  • downward dog- cobra- child’s pose (as many times as you want)
  • 5 x max crow pose
  • inverted practice (till I had enough)

I don’t know about you but whenever I have worked out especially when I couldn’t be bothered I feel at the top of the world after it….also really hungry!

Min xx



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