Hump Day Zen

I’ve been having trouble sleeping- taking ages to fall asleep; tossing and turning seeming to be laying on a bed of rocks.

Some contributing factors are as follows:

  • Fast-paced work envrionemnt
  • Never ending tasks
  • Possums/ bats/ creature that likes to stay up all night screeching/ thumping, the works

Today I’m making it a point to unwind to have a better night sleep, this is what I did:

  • Spray my calming Lavendar Spray
  • Switch off all electronic devices… I will be after I write this.
  • Switch off the light and be enveloped in total darkness

I’m desperate enough for a good sleep that I did a quick search online for tips. I came across Dr. Andrew Weil’s 478 breathing technique which acts like a natural tranquilzer for the nervous system.

The 478 technique is as follows:

  • Inhale through the nose and count to 4.
  • Hold your breath for 7counts
  • Exhale through the mouth for 8 counts.

I’m hoping this will work! It does say it takes a bit of practice but wish me sleep 🙂

Check out Dr. Weil’s video is here.

Min xx


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