Why I Am Putting Myself First and You Should Too

At the end of the week, I am always completely wiped from work. The tasks are endless; getting pulled in all directions; seemingly impossible juggling asks akin to a performance at Cirque De Soleil and at the end of the day- a longer to-do list then I first start with.

In the last few weeks, I have noticed that my training had slipped; I was binging on junk food and I was constantly exhausted. I was on a perpetual roller coaster that is making me sick, not necessarily physically at first but emotionally and spiritually. This can often then manifest and present itself as physical symptoms such as back pain, migraines, upset stomach, the list is endless.

I reflect on this tonight as a colleague prompted this. We had a conversation about “looking after you”, the importance of nurturing oneself, simple because you are worth the effort and that you deserve the care and the self-love.

In order to help me hone my self-lovin’ action, I am going to use this long weekend and through next week to focus on putting myself first. Some of the things I will be doing are listed below:

  • Stretch and WOD first thing in the morning- This was what I used to do, however, of late this has not been the case. Keeping fit and being strong is important to me, so this is something I want to revive and bring back into my daily routine.
  • Nourish- this is not limited to food but including hair and skin care. Being in Port Hedland where it is dry, I have not been moisturising enough and have noticed that my skin and hair could use a little more loving. This means consuming more hydrating foods and oiling up!
  • Hydrate- I’ve been pretty good with the H20 however, it can’t hurt with bringing this to focus again in the next few days.
  • Create- this is writing, photography, water colouring, line work, anything that gives me an outlet for expression. Besides writing, I have not done a lot of creating, which I’d like to have an opportunity this week.

Putting myself first means that I will be in a better headspace, in kick ass health with increase productivity, which will preserve my soul.

I encourage you to have a moment to look inward and see how you are feeling at this very moment and honestly answer if you have put YOU first. If so, great! If you aren’t sure or have a deflating no, it’ll be OK. Just start with doing something that is what you truly want/ need that is truly putting you first.

Share what you are doing to put yourself first in the comments below to inspire others.

Min xx


2 thoughts on “Why I Am Putting Myself First and You Should Too

    1. minwest says:

      Hiya, thanks for stopping by! I travel quite a bit for work and may end up in towns without facilities close by. I make do with things I travel with such as bands and sandbags 🙂

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