What I ate today #2

I like to do ‘What I Ate Today’ posts because it makes me check in with what I am eating and to remind myself that I am capable of making choices that are nourishing; this gives me the opportunity to be aware of what I’m feeling by body with.

Started off with my Break the Rules bowl (ingredient list will be up tomorrow) and a big jar of lemon water- refreshing!

Followed by a mid morning snack of crackers, cucumbers and dip!

I had a large black coffee from Maccas, I usually don’t like coffee from fast food joints by this Maccas in South Hedland makes the best coffee!

I had a late lunch of avocado with a squeeze of lemon, cucumber and Kalamanta Olive Sourdough

I had a vegan pizza with a can of ginger beer for dinner (forgot my phone so no photo)

Also included a B12 supplement and plenty of vitamin D with the sunshine!

Min xx



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