Apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of days, I’d been working late and travelled home to Perth! My stint in Port Hedland has come to an end, the people I’ve met were amazing but I’m glad to be home.

On Thursday I’d finished work at 12 midnight and ended up working on handover notes and tying up lose ends until 08:00 on Friday morning. I don’t normally pull an all nighter but I wanted to have a peace of mind when I left Port Hedland and enjoy the long weekend.

So far on this long weekend I’ve had:

  • Plenty of cuddles with my man and furkids
  • Date night to see Bateman vs Superman
  • Slept in my own bed
  • Went to a friend’s place for Gymnastics and Strength training
  • Had a beautiful home cooked vegan meal

As I write this I’ve got my beautiful girl with me.

I’m hoping tomorrow would sunny so that a trip to the beach would be on the cards!

What are you doing over the Easter holiday?

Min xx


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Laura Honey says:

    I slept a lot and ate a whole block of choclate at 3am haha! Im normally with my family and we go out for lunch and go for a nice rainforest walk!! But still was nice!! Gymnastics and strength training sounded cool! Cant wait to hear some vegan cooking tips – I am vegeterian and am trying to venture out a bit with the cooking 😀

  2. minwest says:

    Hey Laura, that sounds awesome! Great to hear you are interested in venturing with cooking 🙂 A tip for this is to stay curious; Try out new things, taste new things and simply cook! I tried to make my own seitan today….it was an epic fail but it was so much fun! I don’t see myself as a cook, simply someone who likes to eat…a lot.
    Have a fabulous Easter!

    Min xx

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