Focus for the Week: Self-care

I really don’t care if ‘self-care’ is not a word, it’s the concept that I’m focusing on.

Self-care is about looking after oneself particularly on small things that will contribute to a significant practice of self-care.

Small meanigful things are different for everyone, below is a list of things that mean a lot to me and those around me:

  • A fresh cup of coffee/ tea
  • A kiss from a significant other
  • Gym time/ training
  • Bath
  • Yoga/ Meditation
  • Hang out with friends
  • Watching a favourite series
  • Laughing
  • Having time for lunch
  • Eating nutritious food

I encourage you to draw more awareness to what you are doing that is self-care.

I’m aware that I have room to grow in this area, which is why I believe this this come up as a focus for me on multiple occasions. I think I started the week beautifully with a yoga date with a beautiful friend.

What do you do to look after you?

Min xx


One thought on “Focus for the Week: Self-care

  1. Laura Honey says:

    I do all the same things – make my room smell nice with melts! Eat briami (slow cooked oven veges), have a mocha and do some yoga with the intent of pure relaxation. Laughing with friends is important to – if Im feeling down I can hide away from people hehe which dosen’t help! Love your idea to get a kiss Min ! xx

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