Dinner with New Found Friends

Tonight we celebrated a mate’s birthday by, you’ve guessed it, having a dinner.

Dinner parties are something of a social conundrum for me, especially if they are with people I don’t really know or have not met. It a combination of things:

  • Starting conversations with people you don’t know
  • Hoping there is common ground to have a discussion about
  • Eating in front of strangers
  • Having to actually observe table manners
  • Hoping you don’t offend someone by being open and honest about something
  • Hoping you don’t appear greedy when ordering anything
  • Having to divide attention between food and people
  • and more…

Admittedly, I was feeling quite uncomfortable leading up to the dinner…but the company was lovely, many conversation topics were explored and people laugh easily.

I guess what I’m trying to get at with the very short post is that it is important to always give anything (legal and not life threatening) a go- allow for valuable experiences to happen.

Min xx


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